Supervision is a clinical, personal, and learning experience all wrapped into one. Choosing a supervisor to help you navigate this awesome journey is important. Let’s see if I may be a fit…


Sex Therapist & Sex Counselor Supervision


Individual Supervision

60 mins


Sex Therapist supervisees are required to collect 50 hours of supervision in order to apply for certification. I meet with my supervisees in-person, over the phone, online through digital meeting spaces, or through Facetime or Skype. Meetings are most commonly an hour in duration, although 90 minute sessions can be arranged. 

We not only work to hone-in on technical skill when it comes to the implementation of theory and therapeutic strategy, but I will:

  1. Assess areas of strength and areas of growth clinically, both initially and as they evolve.

  2. Assist in the development of a clinical orientation/therapeutic voice that is synchronous with who you are personally and professionally in the present.

  3. Illuminate and help to work through the emotional reactions that surface for you during and/or because of the work of sex therapy.

  4. Work to build and/or strengthen the systemic framework required when engaging with couples and families.

  5. Provide guidance in navigating the AASECT certification process, if this is something you choose to pursue.



Online Group Supervision

60-90 mins


Group supervision is held exclusively online through Zoom video conferencing. Groups are limited to 4 members per supervisor, so supervisees are encouraged to sign-up in advance in order to secure their spot. AASECT requires that supervisors allot 30 minutes per group member, so the duration of the meeting can vary depending on the number of attendees. I attempt to give folks a heads-up as far in advance as possible in order to allow for easier scheduling.

It is not required that you have a case ready to discuss for every group meeting. Often other members will have a case, or multiple, to review. Group supervision can account for half (25) of the required 50 hours of supervision required for sex therapy certification. 



Supervision to Become a Sex Therapy Supervisor                                 

60 mins


Three years after gaining certification and practicing as a Sex Therapist or Counselor, you are eligible to begin training to become a supervisor yourself. 30 hours of supervision are required, with group accounting for no more than half (15). A supervisor-in-training must work to provide 20 hours of supervision to at least two supervisees prior being considered for certification. You must be designated at the primary supervisor for at least one supervisee. I walk my prospective supervisors through the requirements, the differences in criteria from general certification, as well as where to begin finding potential supervisees to work with in our first meeting. Through the course of our time together we will:

  • Gain a through understanding around the role of the supervisor versus therapist or mentor. This includes discussion around appropriate boundary setting, expectations, and education.

  • Work to develop your unique voice and style as a supervisor that aligns with your supervision philosophy and feels synchronous with who you are today.

  • Look at best practice when it comes to setting supervisees up for success. This means gaining a through knowledge of the supervision handbook; AASECT code of ethics, policies, current certification requirements; and staying abreast of changes happening within the organization.



Supervision Consultation 

30 mins


Selection of a supervisor of sex therapy can feel daunting. AASECT provides a list on their website, with each candidate bringing a unique and strong perspective to the experience of supervision. It is hard to go wrong. 

Given the diversity of experience and clinical specialization, it can be useful to get a sense for the approach and personal style of a potential supervisor in advance. I am happy to schedule a 30 minute phone call for this purpose and to use that time in whatever way is most helpful; whether that means a simple question-and-answer type chat, or brief analysis of one of your cases. 


When you begin:

  • I will review AASECT's requirements for the certification you are seeking. I have spreadsheets that will be emailed to you after our first meeting to assist in tracking your course hours, CEU's, supervision hours, and clinical cases.

  • Supervision must take place over a minimum of 18 months, with a maximum of 6 supervision hours per month. We will be cognizant of, and strategic around, the timing of both our individual and group meetings. Initially this will be based around what makes the most sense given your caseload. That may mean meeting bi-weekly, or on a monthly basis.

  • AASECT wants to see that their candidates have experience working with a variety of diagnosis and sexual dysfunctions found in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). We will check-in around progress toward this goal periodically, and adjust our focus when necessary.


Interested in Moving Forward?


Let's schedule a consult! This allows us to get to know each other a bit, get a good sense for fit, and then talk about what is required in terms of constructing our supervision contract.